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Rave Reviews for Patti Rose

“When board-breaking and fire-walking are not enough to remove your fears, work with Patti Rose. She has amazing love, intuition and passion for the work she does. I highly recommend her!”
Shari Carr, PhD, Int’l Mastery Mentor, Anthony Robbins

“Patti is an extraordinary coach. She is highly-skilled…she has a unique ability to gently and compassionately create a safe space in which to effectively work through your most difficult challenges. In one session, she helped me to quickly reach clarity and peace regarding a situation that, moments before, had seemed irresolvable and unbearable. I highly recommend her.”
Wendy Down, R.N., Life Coach

“I can profoundly state that the difference of the before and after is amazing. I have the habit of taking on many things and then not wanting to continue with them. My experience with Patti is that I am not even considering giving up on my dream. I am clear about how to start without feeling overwhelmed. Patti’s coaching also helped me create an energy of wholeness and peace. I felt like nothing could get between me and my peace about what I want to accomplish.”
Carolyn Jackson, Co-Active Coach

“Patti Rose is enthusiastic, supportive and genuine in her endeavor to help and to heal. Her coaching raises your energy levels, and before you even know it, you have transformed yourself into a happier, more productive person. I cannot recommend her enough.”
Joanne Victoria, Author, Life Coach and Speaker

“Patti is an exceptional life coach. She helped me transcend from a long held pattern of blocked energy to being free from the grip of it. I am now feeling so light and flowing forward toward my dreams. A big thank you, Patti.”
Barry Bettman, PCC Professional Certified Coach

“I recommend Patti’s coaching services to individuals who are “up tight” and searching for a shift in their thinking and behavior. Thank you, Patti!”
Kathryn A. Norman, PhD

“Working with Coach Patti Rose is a gift of light and love. Patti consistently exudes a high vibration of Spirit, clear energy and truth. What stands out is her authenticity, her ability and willingness to be fully present and free of her own agenda. Speak with Patti even once and you will hear and feel her radiating love and wisdom with sensitivity and insight. Patti’s success as a Coach is coupled with her mastery of tools for change along with her strong intuition and commitment to personal development. If you are a high achiever wanting a Coach with quick results, I highly recommend Patti Rose. She’ll share her brilliance with you.”
Auralie Tortorici, Therapist, Santa Fe, NM

“Wanting a coach is the first step. Finding a coach who’s a good fit is the crucial one for success. Early in our first phone appointment Patti demonstrated her ability to laser in to my core issues. This is quite a talent. She “gets” me. What more can anyone ask? “
J. Fixler, Real Estate Investor, Cleveland, Ohio

Patti Rose
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