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Love At First Sight

A few weeks ago, I posted the question to my Facebook Friends, “Is love at first sight real love?”

I have to say, I had to chuckle at the many thought-provoking comments my post received. Obviously, it struck a cord with some. Then last week I received the following message from a FB name I’m not familiar with. But the message is so precious that it moved me to tears, so I wanted to share it here on my blog.

“Love At First Sight

Could be real love — it could be a vision of things to come but….

To me real love is staying in relationship…. over years — to see your mate though the hard times and to hold their hand as they transition to the other side… that is real love —

So attraction / chemistry may start it — you may see one that makes your heart skip a beat — but real love is [there] after you are there —“

Isn’t that beautifully written? Obviously from the love-stricken heart of someone who has experienced the depths of real love. Magnificent.

Patti Rose
Dating & Relationship Coach